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How does an AI algorithm work to undress people based on photos?

Do artificial intelligence tools really know how to remove clothes from people in photos? Actually, no. The algorithm is based on a generative AI network that was trained on 100,000 pairs of images of dressed and undressed people; check more information about in the post below.

The main spheres of artificial intelligence usage 

Artificial intelligence can use machine learning to analyze large amounts of data faster than any human. AI platforms can identify trends, analyze data and make recommendations, and by predicting data, AI can help you choose the best course of action.

You can outsource tedious tasks to AI to utilize human resources in other areas of the business, reduce employee workload, streamline all tasks related to the organization, and use it for entertainment purposes as well.

Your real path to naked celeb nude images 

Every stern man over twelve years old has at least three secret desires: to drive a cool car with a herd of wild horses under the hood, to win a million dollars in a casino and, on occasion, to undress some pretty chick. And if achieving the first two points is not so simple, the third is easy to implement. Don’t believe it? Check Nudify project, which uses in its work a hellish mixture of neural networks, artificial intelligence and sexual instinct to see alexandra daddario nudes or just naked photos of admired girls. 

The algorithm fills in all areas where tissue was previously present. This is how exposure is achieved. But it’s completely fake. And it doesn’t always look like reality. The Nudify uses generative neural networks (GANs). They train the algorithm to process a huge number of images and encourage it to improve the image constantly. This algorithm is similar to that used in fake videos.